Air Conditioning


We all know the benefits of air conditioning in the summer months when it keeps our cars and vans cool whether driving down country lanes or stuck on a busy road. Air conditioning is also important in Winter or any other time of the year, stopping windscreens misting in the cold or when it is raining.

Like any other car part, the air conditioning can either become inefficient or break down completely and at Brookside Garage we can have it working again for you in no time.

Our fully trained staff will carry out a full check on your system as it may be all that is needed is re-gassing or the air vents unblocked. If there is a more serious problem we will always speak to you first to get authorisation for any further work and if agreed, can replace your system in a fast and efficient manner

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Servicing and Maintenance

At Brookside we offer servicing from fully trained and experienced mechanics, on all vehicles from modern family cars through to 4x4 vehicles and commercial vehicles, back to older and classic cars that need that loving touch.

For further information please visit the Servicing Page

MOT Services

At Brookside Garage we are fully trained and licensed to carry out MOTs on cars, 4x4s and vans (Class 4), commercial goods vehicles of weights between 3,000kg and 3,500kg (Class7), and private passenger vehicles and ambulances up to 16 seats (Class 5).

Further information is on our MOT Services page.

Repair / Replacement Work

From fault finding, to replacement of brakes, clutches, gearboxes, tyres, exhausts, batteries and engine diagnostics, tuning etc. we are here to help. Our service is reliable and we keep the client up to date at all times with no work being carried out without prior authority.

Find further information on our Repairs / Replacement Page.

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